Euro Decals 32126: 176 FS F16C Falcon
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28.95 from Fantasy Printshop.


Scott Van Aken

This set from Euro Decals is just the thing for the large scale F-16 fan. It includes four sets of markings from the 176 Fighter Squadron, Wisconsin ANG over the years. All of the aircraft on the sheet are in the simplified two greys scheme.

First up is a standard line bird from 2017 that has a red state band atop the fin and a low viz badger on the fin.

Next is a similar plane, but with a full color badger as flown by the wing commader.

Third up is a blue tailed plane from 2015 to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the unit. The builder will need to paint the fin blue for this one.

Finally, a 50th anniversary plane from 1999. In this case you will need to paint the plane's fin in red.

The sheet provides enough insignia and data markings for one aircraft or you can use what comes in the kit. No kit is specified, but I'm thinking most of you will use the Academy version for this one. Decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop.

June 2020

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