FCM 32021: Mirage IIIEBR

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Scott Van Aken

This latest sheet from FCM is designed for the Italeri 1/32 Mirage IIIE. It requires kit 2510 in order to get all the correct bits to do a Brazilian aircraft. This kit is not inexpensive but can be found for about a third off retail if one does some research.

The sheet offers four different markings options.

The first is as delivered in unpainted metal with the nice red areas around the intake and the full size rudder stripes. This option is from the 1st ALADA based (as are all the other options) at Anapolis air base.  This scheme is from 1975.

By the time of the next option (1981), the ALADA was no more and was now the GDA. This and the other two options are in the medium blue-grey over light grey scheme. The rudder stripes have been considerably reduced.

Third is a very similar plane from 1986. In this case, there are no rudder stripes Note that Brazilian Air Force Mirages during this time only had insignia on the upper wings. The silver scheme had them upper and lower.

Finally, from 1990 the planes had gotten tail codes and also a fin flash.

The sheet includes full stencils for one aircraft. Instructions are well drawn and a separate sheet just for stencils is provided for you. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Microscale. In all, an excellent sheet with interesting options.

November 2017

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