FCM 32022: VAQ-132 Scorpions

Units: VAQ-132




Scott Van Aken

This very nice set is for the recent Trumpeter 1/32 EA-18G 'Growler'. The Trumpeter kit has a few glitches when compared to the real aircraft as the kit is based on the F-18F. FCM provides information on the availability of 'fix it' sets to take care of this.

Both of these markings options are on a base camouflage of FS 36320 over FS 36375. These two colors are very close to each other, leading some modelers to think the planes are a single color, which they are not.

The first scheme is the CAG bird as such and has a tan and brown fin and brown numbers/letters. The instruction sheet provides both the inside and outside of the fin camo schemes.

The other is a standard line bird in the normal low visibility markings. Both options are from Operation Odyssey Dawn in 2011.

Instructions are nicely done and provide a separate stencil placement guide. The decals themselves are nicely done by Microscale.

November 2017

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