Furball Decals FDs 4811: Colorful F2H-2/2P Sea Blue Banshees




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Scott Van Aken


Sixteen options

This is another set produced in conjunction with Detail & Scale, and covers sixteen different aircraft. Twelve are standard F2H-2s while four others cover the recce version, the F2H-2P. This particular sheet is designed for the Kitty Hawk kit. I think the Hawk kit is a -1, but if not, it may well fit that one, too.

All of these aircraft are in the easy to paint overall gloss sea blue scheme. This paint had a tendency to become semi-matte after long exposure to the elements. Many of these aircraft had the noses painted in various colors. For the most part, the builder will need to do this as well as the fin tip markings. Most of the tank markings are provided as decals. 

Here is a rundown of what is on the sheet.

VF-11, F2H-2 125663, USS Kearsarge, 1952

VF-22, F2H-2 123279, NAS Oakland, 1955

VF-34, F2H-2 123224, 1953

VF-31, F2H-2 123333, USS Midway, 1952

VF-62, F2H-2 123222, USS Lake Champlain, 1953

VF-62, F2H-2 123292, USS Coral Sea, 1954

VA-76, F2H-2 123339, NAS Oceana, 1955

VF-101, F2H-2 125669, USS Midway, 1954

VF-101, F2H-2B 125067, USS Midway, 1954

VF-172, F2H-2 124973, USS Essex, 1952

VMF-122, F2H-2 124963, MCAS Cherry Point, 1951

VMF-224, F2H-2 123259, MCAS Cherry Point, 1951

VC-61, F2H-2P 128883, NAS Miramar, 1953

VC-61, F2H-2P 128884, NAS Miramar, 1953

VC-62, F2H-2P 125685, USS Lake Champlain, 1953

VMJ-1, F2H-2P 125685, Pohang Airfield, 1952

The sheet contains full insignia and what few stencils there were for two planes. In concert with other Furball Aero-Design sheets, you will find a most complete placement guide that offers snippets of information on each aircraft. As always, an excellent sheet for the Kitty Hawk kit. These sheets have historically sold out relatively quickly, so I recommend picking yours up at the earliest opportunity. 

July 2017

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