Furball Decals FD48-063: Lo-Vis Devil Dog Rhinos




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Scott Van Aken


For Z-M F-4J/SG


This is one of the largest sheets I've seen from Furball Aero-Design. It is a bit too big for the platen of my scanner and a tad too large for the zip bag, though you can trim it a bit to get it to fit without goobering up the sheet.

There are tweve options on this one, all of them F-4S versions save for one. All are in the TPS scheme or at least one that has been modified. Some have the darker FS 36118 upper color and you can see that on the profiles.

The sheet provides enough common markings for at least four planes if you choose wisely. There are slime lights for two and though not shown, a dark and light grey fuselage walk area is included as an addendum along with additional VMFA-232 logos. '

Here is what is on the sheet:  

VMFAT-101 F-4J 153794 (SH 01), MCAS Yuma, 1983

VMFA-112 F-4S 153851 (MA 01), NAS Dallas, 1987

VMFA-115 F-4S 155806 (VE 105), MCAS Beaufort, 1983

VMFA-122 F-4S 157293 (DC 11), MCAS Beaufort, 1984

VMFA-212 F-4S 153780 (WD 10), MCAS Kaneohe Bay, 1987

VMFA-232 F-4S 155881 (WT 00), MCAS Kaneohe Bay, 1987

VMFA-235 F-4S 155736 (DB 03), MCAS Kaneohe Bay, 1987

VMFA-251 F-4S 155890 (DW 05), MCAS Beaufort, 1985

VMFA-312 F-4S 155879 (DR 02), MCAS Beaufort, 1987

VMFA-321 F-4S 153809 (MG 01), NAF Andrews, 1985

VMFA-333 F-4S 158354 (DN 06), MCAS Beaufort, 1985

VMFA-451 F-4S 158374 (VM 12), MCAS Beaufort, 1985

Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and are sized for the Z-M kit, which is the current darling of the quarter scale F-4 group. I'd be willing to bet that these will also work on older kits, though you may have to do some adjusting of a few markings for that.  

November 2017

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