Furball Decals FD48-064: Lo-Vis US Navy Rhinos




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Scott Van Aken


For Z-M F-4J/SG

The Navy wasn't as tied to the TPS camouflage as much as the Marines were. In fact, the Navy along with the Air Force experimented with the Ferris splinter design in the early 1980s, though realized that it wasn't worth the work to maintain it. Three of those schemes are provided here. The rest are a combination of TPS and overall gloss light gull grey.

Here is what is on the sheet:  

VF-74 F-4S 153877, AA/101, USS Forrestal 1982

VF-102, F-4J 157281, AE/101, USS Independence 1981

VF-103, F-4S 153862, AA/201, USS Forrestal 1982

VF-151, F-4S 153827, NF/200, USS Midway 1986

VF-161, F-4S 153808, NF 100, USS Midway 1982

VF-161, F-4S 155897, NF/l113, USS Midway 1983

VF-171, F-4S 155899, AD/206, NAS Key West 1983

VF-194, F-4J 153798, NL/212, USS Coral Sea 1977

VF-201, F-4S 155836, AF/105, NAS Fort Worth 1984

VF-301, F-4S 155749, ND/110, NAS Miramar 1984

VF-302, F-4S 155864, ND/104, NAS Miramar 1983

VF-302, F-4S 155900, ND 201, NAS Miramar 1981

Finally, VF-161, F-4S 155757, NF/112 (or most of it), USS Midway 1982. This plane was on det and needed a replacement rudder. The only one available was for a USAF F-4.

Instructions are superbly done and provide full left/right/upper/lower painting diagrams for the Ferris camouflage schemes. Decals are superbly printed by Cartograf and there are enough common markings for several aircraft. This sheet is designed for the Z-M kit, but I'd bet many of these schemes will work on others. As a final note, the main sheet is just a bit too long for the platen of my scanner so it cuts off the bottom row of slime lights. It also means it won't fit into the standard large zip bag without some minor trimming.

November 2017

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