Furball Decals FD 48-070: Legacy Bug Bandits




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Scott Van Aken


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Once the F-18A started to be pulled from fleet squadrons, it was made available to other units to use for aggressor training. The same happened to the F-18C when the super bug came into wider use. This particular sheet from Furball Aero-Design provides markings for six legacy Hornets from three different units.

What makes aggressor aircraft so interesting for modelers is the variety of camouflage that is worn by these planes. Most of these schemes are wrap-around so you will be doing some interesting painting. Fortunately, the instructions provide large images that show all sides, top, and bottom of each plane.

So here is what you get:

F-18A, 162906, NSAWC, NAS Fallon, 2002

F-18A, 162875, NSAWC, NAS Fallon, 2006

F-18C, 164277, NAWDC, NAS Fallon, 2017

F-18C, 164646, NAWDC, NAS Fallon, 2017

F-18A+, 162867, VFC-12, NAS Oceana, 2014

F-18B, 161924, VFC-12, NAS Oceana, 2017

For kits in this scale, you have a wide selection from Monogram/Revell, Hobby Boss, Academy, Hasegawa, and others so take your pick. The set comes with two sets of lerex walkways. Cartograf printed decals are superbly printed.  

March 2019

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