Leading Edge 72.029 433 Squadron CF-18A Hornet

Units: 433 Sq




Scott Van Aken

Note: Sheet also available in 1/48 as 48.029


Once more, Leading Edge has reissued one of their excellent decal sets for the CF-18 Hornet. This one is for the 433 Sq 50th Anniversary from 2003. Those of you who are knowledgeable on things CAF realize that the unit mascot is a porcupine, and specifically the one from the 'Pogo' comic strip. It was only natural that the commemorative aircraft carry its fair share of porcupine quills!

Leading Edge has managed to duplicate that semi-complicated scheme with the same panache that it has its other commemorative sheets. The decals are superbly printed and quite complete, providing all the stencils and protective coatings that are on the real plane. When it comes to instructions these are some of the best in the industry.

As with all Leading Edge decals, this one is available in several scales.  The 1/48 sheet is identical in every way to the sheet shown only it takes two sheets. There are a lot of very nice kits in 1/72 that will fit this one.  Regardless of which kit is used, this will make your next Hornet a real show-stopper.

September 2020

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