LF Models C7291: F-86F Sabre over Spain

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Scott Van Aken

I'm always on the look for interesting decal sheets and having a Sabre in the works, though that this sheet might fill the bill. It is typical of the sheet I used on the BT-13 from these folks in that the instructions tell me to cut out each individual marking and be careful not to scratch it. This tells me it is an ALPS printed sheet as those are somewhat fragile and scratch quite easily. It may also explain the rather high price for what is admittedly a pretty small decal sheet. Just something to think about when one goes searching for decals. This is very much a case of 'no one else does these' so there it is.

I had hoped that this would be for a short wing Sabre, but if the plan view on the instructions is to be believed, it has the long -40 wing that was often fitted or retrofit on export planes. There are markings for two aircraft, one with the red nose band from Ala de Caza 1 and the other with a yellow one from Ala de Caza 5. The sheet comes with a small sheet of paper on which are printed profiles for the left and right as well as upper and lower views.

Recommended kits are by Fujimi and Airfix. If it is indeed a -40 wing, then the only option is the Fujimi version as all the other kits from Airfix and Hobbycraft are the short wing versions. If you have dealt with ALPS printed decals, these should be no surprise.

February 2019

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