Starfighter Decals AD 7203: The Sea Kings of Project Apollo


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This is another helo sheet in cooperation with Old 66 and provides all of the Sea Kings that were involved in the Apollo recovery missions save those done with aircraft #66, which is the subject of other sheets. These are all early SH-3A/D aircraft and though there are lots of Sea Kings out there in 1/72, the one the sheet recommends is the new Airfix Sea King HAR.3. This one has apparently caught the proper shape of things and will require the least amount of conversion. Second choice is the Cyber-Hobby versions. A reference web site is provided to help you do these conversions and the instructions also provide notes for the special equipment carried by these aircraft.

So you are provided six options. Each option has specifics on things like paint demarcation lines, ice#55 spray shields and so on but mostly with paint and markings.

#55 has a checkerboard fuselage band and was with HS-5 on the Apollo 7 mission.

The Apollo 9 recovery helo was #54 with HS-3.

Aircraft #500 was an HS-6 aircraft used on the Apollo 14 mission.

The next three options are all #001 with HC-1 which recovered Apollo 15, 16, and 17. There were two different aircraft used during this time and there were also markings differences in the same airframe between one mission and the other.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and it looks like you can do at least two of the options with what's on the sheet and others if you use kit or aftermarket insignia/data markings.

It looks like a superb effort that I think you will like. This is something which would appeal to a broad range of modelers.

January 2019

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