Starfighter Decals PK72-04: Curtiss F11C-2


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Scott Van Aken


Reboxed Monogram kit

Starfighter Decals has contracted for a very limited run of this highly sought Monogram kit. Limited to a run of only 1500 kits, this one is sure to be quite popular. The kit is exactly the same as most of us remember from the last time it was released, which was about 30 years back. This time, Starfighter has provided some different markings for two planes from VF-1B. One is the box art plane with a red lower cowling half and, I believe, a red wing chevron. The other has a white fuselage band, a white cowling and a white wing chevron.

Starfighter's decal sheet is superbly printed and provides all the markings you will need to do one of the two aircraft. For those who want to go a step farther, Starfighter also offers a resin cockpit set,  and a set of photo etch rigging to really trick this one out. The kit itself is unchanged from the one we all remember and I have to say that the molding looks almost as clean as the day it was first issued. Yes, it includes the stand. The kit comes in a strong and large blister pack.

 Thanks to for the review sample. Get yours direct from the link. If you buy it, it will only encourage them to do more!

May 2013

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