Starfighter Decals 700-100: Nimitz Class CVN Markings


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Scott Van Aken


1/700 scale

Not much has been done in the way of aftermarket markings for ships, but Starfighter Decals thought that should change. This particular sheet is in 1/700 scale and for the Nimitz class aircraft carriers. Now I think these are mostly done by Trumpeter, so feel free to correct me if that is not the case. As many of us know, Trumpeter decals are OK, but these are better.

Printed by Cartograf, you get one full set of markings for the deck and island/deck numbers for all of the ships in the class. This includes hangar deck markings, UNREP markings and elevator lock markings. Since each ship is different from the others in the class, it is best that the modeler have a good set of references to help out in the exact placement.

The instruction sheet provides a very good full color general placement guide so you should be ablet o get most of the markings in place even without checking references.

In all, a very nicely done sheet and one that I am sure will be popular with ship builders.

Thanks to for the review sample. Get yours direct from the link.

October 2011

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