Superscale 48-1031: F-16C Falcon

Units: 512 & 526 TFS




Scott Van Aken

Two more commander's planes from the now defunct 86 TFS. Both of these planes are in the older three grey scheme of FS 36118/36270/36375. They are also small mouth F-16C-30s which means they are perfect for the Hasegawa F-16C kit!

First up is the very nicely done 512 TFS aircraft with the dragon on its tail and three colors of the German flag behind it.

The other is from the 526 TFS, It has a red and white striped tail. You will need to first paint the fin white before applying the red stripes as given in the sheet.

The decal sheet provides sufficient insignia and data markings to do both aircraft on the sheet and a nice stencil placement guide is also provided.

Two nice boss birds to add to your F-16C collection.

September  2005

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