Isracast 48-033: Israeli AF Tow Tractor type A


Any  IAF modern diorama


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Scott Van Aken



Diorama fans are always lacking in decent airfield GSE and now IsraCast is providing a superb tow tractor for those who are fans of the IAF. This is a 1/48 scale multi media kit in that besides the superbly molded resin parts, it includes an equally well done photo etch fret. This fret is for screen, plating and some other small items.

This is the type of tractor that grabs onto a towing section of a nose gear or in some cases, a tail gear mount. It then pulls or pushes the aircraft to where ever it is going. Most often these are used to move aircraft in and out of hangars so you'll need a crew member in the cockpit of the aircraft to help ride the brakes.

The kit includes clear resin parts for lights and also has a driver, a very nice touch that is sometimes missing from similar kits. a complete decal sheet is also included with the kit.  IsraCast's instructions are first rate, not only showing how the kit is built, but also with a number of photos that indicate where these various bits are located on the real item.

In all, an excellent kit that no modern IAF diorama fan should be without

April 2011

Review sample courtesy of IsraCast where you can get your set direct.

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