Werner's Wings 48-13 AN/ARC-102 Antenna Mounts


Any 1/48 UH-1


$5.00 from www.wernerswings.com


Scott Van Aken


resin and EZ line

It has been quite a while since I had the opportunity to review anything from Werner's Wings so it was a nice surprise to receive a package with some of their latest stuff. This included some resin update bits targeted for the new KH UH-1D/H, but like many aftermarket bits, these can be used on pretty much any 1/48 Huey.

This set includes the standoffs for the AN/ARC-102 HF radio set as well as a section of elastic EZ-Line that can be attached to these.  You are provided with what looks to be two full sets of the tapered mounts, which were the most widely used. It is nice to get two sets as these small bits have a habit of flying off into the unknown. A section of white EZ-Line is also included.

If I may digress for a bit. When I was in the Navy, I spent considerable time repairing AN/ARC-94 and AN/ARC-102 radios so am quite familiar with them. The 94's were Navy radios while the 102s were Army and Air Force. The main difference was the power supply while the rest of the radio was identical.

This feature is frequently left off Huey kits and now you have something that was quite common. The instructions provide a lot of photos to help you place the stand-offs and the wire.

September 2017

Review copy courtesy of the fine folks at Werner's Wings where you can get yours. 

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