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Two Aircraft


Scott Van Aken


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When the US was looking for a medium jet bomber to replace the B-45 Tornado, several US companies developed prototypes, including the very cool Martin XB-51. However, none of the aircraft actually were able to meet the requirements and had some severe design problems. Not wanting to be without an aircraft in this category, the Air Force invited English Electric to bring over and demonstrate their Canberra.

The flying display given by the E.E. test pilot was incredible to say the least. Enough so that it impressed the Air Force into undergoing negotiations to have the Canberra built in the US. Though early planes were very much like the British version, complete with 'fishbowl' canopy, the B-57B and later versions were modified to have tandem seating, an arrangement much preferred by the USAF.

Like its British Counterparts, the Canberra lasted a long time in service, still being around in the early 1980s with the Vermont ANG. British Canberras are STILL in service with 1 PRU.


One would expect this kit to be nearly identical to the earlier Canberra, but it is not. Sprue layouts are quite different, though the general quality of the molding is similar. Main differences are the new fuselage, of course, and the inclusion of resin parts for the tub, seats and control sticks. This kit also has a separate rudder that the previous one didn't offer. Two very nicely done vacuformed canopies are also included.

There is a teeny bit of flash on most of the parts that will have to be cleaned up. I also recommend a razor saw for removing parts from the sprues as the attachment points are rather large. The resin tub appears to be molded in such a way that it can be put in place without removing the resin attachment point from the bottom. Seats will have to have the pour stubs removed. I recommend packing the nose with as much weight as you can for Canberras are notoriously tail heavy. The only option is gear doors in the closed position should you wish to display your model in flight.

Instructions consist of an exploded view of the parts, which is perfectly adequate for a kit of this size. No color information is provided for things like wheel wells, interior and the like. Markings are for two planes. One is a Vietnam era plane in full bomber SEA camouflage (which means a black underside) from the 13 BS/35 TFW. The other is an all black Pakistan AF B-57B. The decal sheet is well printed and on a single carrier, which means it was probably done on an ALPS printer so care needs to be taken when it comes to using setting solutions on it. I'm thinking that the green in the Pakistani insignia seems a bit bright to me but my knowledge of the correct shade is lacking in this area.



Once again, OzMods has come up with another interesting model for 1/144 military model builders.

For more information on this and other kits and detail sets from OzMods, visit them at their website.

Kit courtesy of OZMODS. Thank you for your support.

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