KIT: Anigrand 1/144 Myasischehev M-50 'Bounder'
KIT #: AA-4002
PRICE:  $83.00 MSRP from
DECALS: More than enough
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes Ye-152A, Su-15 and La-250 full kits


The Myasishchev M-50 (NATO reporting name Bounder) was a Soviet prototype four-engine supersonic bomber which never attained service. Only one prototype was built, which was believed to have first flown in 1957. The M-50 was constructed by the Myasishchev design bureau.

One writer commented on the M-50 that it was 'an outstanding failure which revealed an embarrassing lack of understanding of the problems of high-speed flight.'  It was a fast jet bomber with four engines: two Dobrynin VD-7 and two VD-7F turbojets. Two engines were located under the wing and two on the tips of its shoulder-mounted, truncated delta wings.

The second M-50 was designated M-52 and carried Zubets 16-17 turbojets, around which the aircraft had been designed. The engine installation was modified, and a second tailplane added to the top of the fin. M-50 participated in a Soviet Aviation Day flyby in 1961. M-52 was completed but was not flight tested.


We all know what to expect from Anigrand in the way of how the parts are molded and this one is no exception. The engraved detailing is quite a bit more constrained than what one has come to find on their previous kits. One still finds a few air bubbles that need filled and crud in the wheel wells and exhausts, but none of that is difficult to repair or remove. My Bounder had a short shot nose that will need some epoxy putty to repair. I also found quite a few of the alignment pins also short shot which will require some care when installing those parts.

The Bounder is a huge beast and the four part fuselage measures over 15 inches when assembled, so it will still take up a bit of shelf room on its bicycle landing gear. I did pay particular attention to all the round bits to be sure there were none that were badly misaligned and I didn't see any. This includes the solid body bonus aircraft that come with this. It is quite appropriate that these are all the same basic wing planform and it is nice to have a model of the La-250, Ye-152A and Su-15 to add to one's 1/144 military collection. All of these kits have clear resin canopies with nice and crisp frame lines. Their size will make masking a bit of a challenge, but MUCH better than vacuformed ones.

Instructions are the same as with the last few kits in a photo-realistic style that is not as clear as when Anigrand used exploded line drawings. All the parts are named, but still, I'd prefer something more positive. For instance, one isn't really sure just how the gear doors attach as that is not well shown and in some cases isn't shown at all. Same problem with the attachment of small bits as they get lost in the amorphous grey background. Markings placement, however, is still nicely done line drawings. Typical of aircraft of this period, they are basically bare metal and red stars with a bort number. Two decal sheets came with my kit and both are identical with enough numbers and insignia for all the kits. Anigrand decals have worked very well for me in the past and I'm sure these are no exception. I also bet that this same sheet will be used in many other similar kits!


So here you have it. The mighty Bounder and in a scale that won't fill your shelves or annex the ones next to it!. The bonus of having three additional small scale kits makes this a real bargain for the 1/144 modeler. I know that I'm pleased to see these and already have it underway


May 2007

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