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Scott Van Aken




If you have read the recent AM-1 Mauler preview, then you know that the kit does not come with weapons or pylons. This set addresses that issue and provides a large number of weapons and the required pylons for that kit. In addition, it can be used with just about any other 1/72 US Navy aircraft of the general period.


The set itself contains three Mk 13 aerial torpedoes, an AN/APS-4 radar pod, twelve 250 lb bombs and their racks, twelve 5" rockets and their racks, a 750 lb bomb, two 11.75" Tiny Tim rockets, and two different styles of inboard racks.

As with other SIGA kits, the off white plastic is relatively thick with engraved detail. They also have some flash on all parts, but nothing major and a few swipes of sandpaper or scrapes with a hobby knife will remove it. The torpedoes have boxed aft sections to allow the torpedo to run shallow and this is a relatively simple construct. Probably the most difficult piece to build will be the 750 lb bomb. For some reason the aft fin assembly is made of four separate parts. One is a two piece fore and aft assembly of two fins and the center section. Onto this is glued the other two fins. Not sure why this was done, but it will be a bit difficult to clean up the seam between the front and rear sections.

The instructions are quite good, though there really isn't much to most of the parts aside from gluing a couple of halves together. The painting guide gives two different options for all the parts. One is a standard painting and the other is a 'demonstration' painting guide. I believe the demonstration guide is for inert weapons as there is a lot of white, red and yellow involved. A small decal sheet is supplied, mostly for the torpedoes, but also it supplies the yellow bands for the bombs, which is nice. The sheet is well printed and appears quite thin. Also on the instruction sheet is a weapons placement guide for the AM-1. It includes additional information as to which aircraft certain weapons can also be used with.




While it would have been nice to have this set included with the Mauler, it wasn't and that's the way it is. For those who just want a nice weapons set for their WWII/Korean war era aircraft, it will come in very handy

Review kit courtesy of SIGA Models. Thanks for your support.

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