KIT: ICM 1/35 Red Army Infantry 1939-42
KIT #: 35051
PRICE: $12.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Three figures


This particular set has three figures, all in what seems to be winter garb. There is an officer-type, who may well be a political officer by the general demeanor. A saluting figure with what I first thought was a parachute pack, but it is too small for that, and a third figure manning a shovel (the soldier's friend) in preparation for doing some digging, though I'm not sure that exercise like that will go well with the cigarette he is holding!

Molded in ICM's white plastic I found a couple of sink marks; two in the sides of boots, and the other on the butt of the rifle. Otherwise, no flash, no ejector pin marks. Typical of these sets, there is no assembly information supplied, but a very comprehensive color guide is provided with Model Master and generic color references. It is duplicated in full color on the back of the box and you can use the box art as well.  Despite the tank in the background, I don't think any of these are tankers.


Sets like this are perfect for diorama folks. They also help to liven up a small display and add some points of interest.

May 2006

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