ICM 1/35 WWII Soviet Partisans

KIT #: 35631
PRICE: $14.99 SRP
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures

As with every nation or area that has been overrun by an outside army, there are those who do not want them there and they are willing to fight or disrupt the invading force. Whether it is the US Army in Afghanistan or the German Army in the Soviet Union, these mostly civilian fighters do what they can. During the 1940s they were called partisans. Nowadays they are more likely to be called terrorists (it all depends on one's point of view), but their aims are the same.

This particular figure set from ICM and contains four figures in various poses. Two of them are kneeling while the others are standing. One is an older man while another appears to be a youth of some sort. Most are carrying weapons of different types. They appear to be plotting for their next move.

This one comes in a standard box with a lid containing the single sprue and a set of painting and assembly diagrams. The molding is quite good and this will make for a most interesting diorama when complete.

December 2012

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