ICM 1/35 WWI Austro-Hungarian Weapons

KIT #: 35671
PRICE: $18.99 SRP
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures

Weapons sets are just as important to 1/35 figure and vehicle fans as they are to aircraft modelers. This set includes a number of different weapons and equipment that were used by the Austro-Hungarian Army in WWI.

These items include Schwarzlose M1908 and M1912 machine guns, ammunition boxes and belts, Mannlicher M1895 rifles and carbines, ammunition pouches, Steyr M1912 pistols and holsters, knife bayonets and scabbards, trench knifes, 3 types of hand grenades, rifle shields, M1916 steel helmets, respirator canisters and filters, big and small shovels, pickaxes, wire cutters, mess tins, 2 types of canteens.

I had to look up most of that stuff as I am generally clueless in this area! In all, it makes for an excellent set of equipment that you should seriously consider.

June 2013

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