KIT: ICM 1/48 German Luftwaffe Pilots and Ground Personnel
KIT #: 48082
PRICE: $12.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Seven Figures


One thing for sure, airplanes didn't exist on their own. They had to have people to fly and fix them. This set from ICM provides a few of both. These WWII Luftwaffe figures are perfect for those who like to add some life to their models by creating dioramas or just adding some interest to their display models.

The seven figures include four crew and three officers/pilots. One of them, in a leather greatcoat, seems very much to be Adolf Galland, but one can't say for sure. There is another officer standing around looking important while one is getting into flying gear with the help of ground crew. There are three maintenance men provided. One is carrying the standard wooden tool box while two others are in working poses; one kneeling and brandishing a screwdriver, while the other is doing some sort of inspection.

The figures are very nicely molded with no flash or ejector pin marks. I found sink marks on the tool box and the soft caps, but they should be easily filled. Mold seams are almost non-existent, a real help when it comes to doing figures.

Instructions show no assembly, which I guess is normal for figure sets. Colors are with Model Master or generic references. A very nice painting chart is provided and duplicated on the back of the box in full color.


Overall, a very nice set for the folks who like to add some interest to their models.

June 2006

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