ICM 1/48 Luftwaffe Pilots and Groundcrew (Winter)

KIT #: 48086
PRICE: $21.99 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five Figures


Those with a long memory will know that back in 2006, ICM released a set of Luftwaffe pilots and ground crew in warmer weather clothing. This one has the figures in winter clothing and also includes accessories that the previous set did not have. It also has a SRP that is nearly double of that one seven years ago, but then so it is with most hobby materials.

There are two pilot figures, or at least that is what they look like as again, one of them looks like Adolf Galland. This one is in a more formal scheme from the other who is dressed with a soft cap with ear flaps.

THere are three ground pounders. One is carrying a bomb on his shoulder, one is spray painting a winter wash, and the third is stuck with guard duty and does not look particularly happy about it. The set includes the guard shack and gate as well as the barrels, stand and painting equipment shown on the box top.


Overall, a very nice set for the folks who like to add some interest to their models.

June 2013

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