Italeri 1/72 Walls and Ruins II

KIT #: 6090
PRICE: $12.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Diorama accessory


This is one of Italeri's sets for those who like to build dioramas in 1/72 scale. Thanks to the rather generic pieces used in this set, it could easily be applicable to just about any era; at least for the damaged wall sections I'm not sure about when sandbags became a staple of military defense, but this set includes a number of them.

Basically you get what is shown below:

While you may think it lame for me not to show the actual sprues, the truth is that Italeri does not always package sprues in their own bag and I didn't want to lose parts from the end opening box. As you can see, you get two major wall sections, one with a door and window and the other with a partially bricked up entrance. Two partial sections are provided as well. There are also two corner all portions and two sand bag walls. The kit includes a wood bench, 13 separate bricks and 20 separate sand bags so that you can set things up any way you see fit.

This sort of thing is just perfect for all sorts of diorama possibilities from the Napoleonic era to WWII to even the modern day. Painting and construction is shown on the back of the box and a rather basic painting guide is given; at least the colors are. One can use the box art for inspiration on how to assemble the 68 pieces that come in the box.

1/35 modelers have had diorama accessories like this available to them for a very long time. Now you know that these sorts of things are also available to those who like working in 1/72 scale without having to resort to somewhat expensive resin.

February 2009 

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