KIT: Italeri 1/32 Saracen Warriors
KIT #: 6854
PRICE: $19.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


"The term Saracen comes fromGreek sarakenoi, which is itself derived from anArabic word, شرقيين sharqiyyin ("easterners"). This word was used in the early centuries of theRoman Empire to describe a nomadicArab tribe from theSinai Desert.

Later the Greek-speaking subjects of the Empire applied it to all Arabs. After the rise ofIslam, and especially at the time of theCrusades, its usage was extended to allMuslims, particularly those inSicily and southern Italy. In older Western historicalliterature, the term "Saracen Empire" was often used to refer to the ArabCaliphate under the rule of theUmayyad andAbbasid dynasties.

InChristian polemical writing against Islam, the name was made to mean "those empty of Sarah" or "not from Sarah," as Arabs were, inBiblical genealogies, descended fromHagar.

Saracen has also commonly been applied to Mediterranean pirates."

Shamelessly swiped fromWikipedia.


It very much seems as if Italeri is going for figures in a rather large way. Most of the recent issues from Italeri have been kits of this sort and these are to 1/32 scale (54mm), another popular war-gaming scale.

This particular set has eight mounted figures (which means 16 pieces when you add in the horse). There are two sets of everything so you get four distinct figures, all galloping off, looking fierce. One full set is shown in the image.

The figures themselves are very nicely molded, though there is a mold seam that will have to be removed prior to painting. Since this is a somewhat soft and flexible plastic (more like a hard vinyl), you'll need to thoroughly clean each figure prior to painting. I would recommend using a very sharp blade to remove the mold seam or you can use a heated blade to cut through the plastic. A good undercoat is recommended prior to painting and the use of Model Master paints is suggested on the back of the box. Here you will find a representative figure for reference painting, though the box art and books such as the Osprey series will be of a lot of help as well.


Frankly, this is a very nice set for war-gaming, building into a display model or just to have something for the kids to play with.

April 2006

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