Masterbox 1/35 "US and German Paratroopers" - Southern Europe 1944
KIT #: MB 35157
PRICE: $20.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Six Figures

This is yet another of Master Box's interesting sets. The first thing I thought when looking at the box art was 'Yeah, like that would really happen', but it does make for an interesting scenario. It also provides some interesting figures that are not normally found in military figure sets.

There are a total of six figures. Two are US army paratroopers, two are German fallschirmjaeger, and two are from an unidentified unit. The German and US troops are in a crouching position and are suitably armed. The other two are lightly dressed and armed with only a water pitcher and towels.

Regardless of how you feel about such subjects, it does make for an interesting set that has several possibilities in a diorama. Full painting and assembly instructions are on the back of the box and in full color.

August 2014

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