Master Box 1/35 German Tankmen, WWII era
KIT #: MB 35160
PRICE: $19.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Five figures

"German Tankmen, WWII era" is for 1/35 modelers. The kit relates to the World War II era and it consists of 5 figures of German tankmen. Three figures are of tankmen in various poses engaged in conversation on the turret of a tank. These figures suit any tanks that were in service with the Panzerwaffe. Two other figures are of tankmen that are dealing with fueling. These two figures can be used not only with tanks, but also with any kind of vehicle of that period, both armored and soft skin. Thus, the modeler gets two kits in one box which is especially great when creating dioramas using more than one vehicle. These latter two could also be used in a 1/32 aircraft diorama.

June 2014

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