Orion 1/72 Slavic Warriors

KIT #: 72028
PRICE: $9.95 from http://www.scale-model-kits.com
DECALS: none
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 48 figures

Another nice set of war-gaming figures, this time from Orion. These are Slavic Warriors from the 6th through 8th Century AD. I doubt it they would have been fighting Romans, but they would have been fighting amongst themselves or against Vikings, for instance.

The set is molded in a brown, semi-flexible plastic that is the norm for figure sets of this type. There are four identical sprues, each containing 12 figures in different poses with different weapons, though short swords, axes and shields seem popular with the locals. The figures are well molded and will require little clean-up. For the most part, painting is generally done with acrylics. There are no instructions and no specific painting guide, though there are painted figures shown on the back of the box. As nice as those are, I think I'd prefer painted drawings.

April 2009

Thanks to http://www.scale-model-kits.com for providing the preview kit.

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