Zvezda 1/35 Soviet Mountain Infantry: WWII 1942
KIT #: 3606
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Set includes six figures

Though many think that the Soviets fought in the open steppes and plains of Russia and Ukraine, this was not always the case. When fighting the Finns, much of the terrain was mountainous along their north/south border. Also, in the Caucuses there was a need for those trained for combat in rugged terrain. This particular set from Zvezda has figures for men fighting in the rocky terrain of mountainous regions. These figures are all in various dramatic poses that would be suitable for a diorama based in rough terrain. The sculpting on the figures is very good as one would expect from Zvezda and you get six figures instead of the usual four or five that most other figure sets provide.  Unlike many other sets, this one actually includes assembly instruction that are not printed on the box itself. This is a fine set and will add life to any appropriate diorama scene.


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