Zvezda 1/35 Russian Tank Crew
KIT #: 3615
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


 This latest kit from Zvezda is for modern Russian tank crew, something you'd have for your T-72, T-80 or T-90 as those have three man crews. The molding on Zvezda kit is a very good and this one is no exception. Unlike many figure sets, this one actually includes separate instructions and painting guide. There is also a small base for two of the figures. These figures do not have the plethora of bits and pieces to attach to them as you often find with infantry figures so construction should be rather quick.

An excellent set to go with your next modern Russian MBT project.     

May 2009

My thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the preview kit. Get yours today from your favorite hobby shop or on-line store. If not in stock, have them order it for you.

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