Zvezda 1/35 Soviet Paratroopers: Afghanistan
KIT #: 3619
PRICE: $16.00 SRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Four figures


Just like the US and NATO today, the Soviet Union was embroiled in a war against the Taliban and others during the 1970s and 1980s, pulling out when it just got to be more than they could handle. This left the country wide open to the Taliban to perpetrate their atrocities against the population and the culture of the Afghan people until 2001 when the US led their invasion of the nation. Hopefully, this latest attempt to bring order won't end as badly.

Zvezda has produced a new figure set from the Soviet time in that country that includes six different figures that are shown on the box art. These are paratroopers and are provided a number of different poses and weapons. For equipment, there are  - AK-47 Assault Rifle x 4 - RPK-74 MG x 1 - Dragunov Sniper Rifle x 1 - Radio sytem x 1. This makes for a set that will surely be useful either in a setting by themselves or in a diorama. 

July 2011

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