Zvezda 1/35 German Paratroopers 1939-42
KIT #: 3628
PRICE: $21.00 SRP  
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

The German paratroopers were considered to be the elite of the German military and were actually controlled by the Luftwaffe instead of the Army. They were, like all paratroopers, lightly armed and their purpose was to surprise the defenses by jumping into areas behind the lines until they were able to be relieved by the more ably equipped ground forces. Early in the war these troops were very successful, as often being deployed via glider as dropping out of aircraft. Though used thorough the war as basically ground troops, their last successful, and very costly operation was the battle for Crete in early/mid 1941.

This particular set from Zvezda includes five figures along with their appropriate equipment. New to this or any other figure set is a trooper pulling in his parachute after landing. Other figures include a prone machine gunner, a soldier accessing a dropped supply case and two other figures with their guns in a standing and running position.

Like all Zvezda figure sets, the figures are very nicely done as is their equipment. They can be used together or separately as the modeler decides.

November 2011

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