Zvezda 1/35 Soviet Recon Team 1943-45
KIT #: 3643
PRICE: $11.50 SRP  
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Both sides in a war rely a lot on reconnaissance in order to find out the plans of the other side. This can be anything from photography to visual inspection or capturing prisoners to be brought back for additional interrogation. This particular set from Zvezda includes three well camouflaged Soviet troops plus a bound captive, whose days are probably numbered. As these figures are not heavily equipped, or at least with what equipment they have hidden under clothing, there are not a ton of parts and so this set is not particularly expensive. One figure is using a radio while another is pointing at something written on a pad. The third Soviet is obviously the officer as he is just standing there gesturing into the forest Something I have noticed in newer Zvezda kits is that the boxes are being made from much stronger material. This, to me, is a very positive step towards keeping the contents safe. Still no inner bag, but every bit helps.

December 2011

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