Zvezda 1/100 Matilda II

KIT #: 6171
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken

Continuing with Zvezda's wargaming items for their Art of War series, we have a nicely done Matilda II tank. You may recall that the Matilda was an infantry tank that was armed with a rather small 2 pnd main gun and had a ton of armor, making almost impervious to enemy tank rounds. It also moved at a very slow pace so that it could keep up with slowly moving infantry. It was not designed for tank to tank battles. The Matilda was also used by the Soviets, who appreciated its armor, but were less than impressed by the power of its main gun.

This is another snap kit with about a dozen parts on two sprues. Typical of these kits, it includes a marker flag that fits under the hull and a game movement card. No decals and no painting guide aside from what is on the box top is provided, but often gamers simply paint these a solid color and that is it.

A good kit for the gamer or someone who simply wants a very quick build.

November 2012 

Thanks to www.dragonmodelsusa.com for the preview kit. Get yours at your local shop or on-line retailer.

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