Zvezda 1/72 Polish Winged Hussars

KIT #: 8041
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: wargaming figures


Wargaming is a very popular pastime amongst people of all ages. It is something that has been around for more than a hundred years when the elite would gather for a night of entertainment, initially with Napoleonic figures. These are still a  huge attraction, but over the years, it has expanded to where now, just about anything goes, including fantasy figures.

Most of the figures used today are not the hand crafted or hand molded lead figures of days of old, but are more likely pewter if they are metal or for most, plastic. The type of plastic used for these figures is generally closer to vinyl than it is polystyrene, as much to keep parts from being broken away as anything.

Today's figures can be painted and have separate bits that can be held in place with contact cement or other glues that work with flexible plastics.


This kit from Zvezda is part of the 'Age of Battles' game system. These assign certain points and movement values to the different figures, and all that is included in an additional sheet within the box.

All of these figures are mounted and there are 16 in total. There is a single standard bearer, Rotamaster, Trumpeter and Hussar with a cantering horse and pike. Three each of  Hussars with a vertical pike, forward pike in charge, sword held back and sword pointed forward.

The back of the box provides a full painting guide and while no specific paints are provided, the builder can pretty well choose what he or she thinks is appropriate. I should point out that the detailing on the figures really is superb. There is little in the way of a mold seam and what is there should be relatively easy to remove with a sharp knife. Scraping on plastic like this does not work well so one will need to slice more than scrape. I have found that files can be useful as well if not too rough.


I know you are all going to want to rush out and purchase a set. Things like this are great for kids and their parents as well. Soft plastic figure sets have always sold well and since this one is part of a gaming sytem, I know it will do better than usual.

October 2008

My thanks towww.dragonmodelsusa.com for providing the review sample. If you don't find them at your local hobby shop, ask for them.

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