KIT: Italeri 1/72 Country House with Porch
KIT #: 6075
PRICE: $19.00 MSRP
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


Ummm, sorta tough to do a history on this one. Let us just say that it is a typical European country house that you would find in Italy during the first part of this century. Though most American consider a porch to be an addition to a house without having any rooms above it, that isn't exactly the way all the world sees things like that. In Italy, the porch was there to give a bit of a breeze and to provide some overhang for the lower rooms. You'll note that the opposite side of the house is actually taller than the front. I'm assuming that this side would normally be facing to the north where there wouldn't be as much sunlight during the course of the year.


This kit has to have the thickest plastic of just about any kit I've reviewed in a long time. When you pick up the box, there is definite heft to it. Opening the box finds two zip bags with parts. A large one has all the main parts of the house in it. The smaller bag has all the shutters and doors and the like. This smaller bag had broken open and the parts were rattling around in the box. Appreciate that these are in bags, but the quality of the bag leaves much to be desired. Many of the small attachment tabs on the back of these bits had broken off as a result.

Kind of difficult to comment on the detail level. Raised or engraved panel lines are not an issue with a kit like this. The wall and roof portions look to be well done as the brick molding is superbly done. The wooden shutters and doors also look to be very nicely molded, though they could be a tad thick for the scale.

Test fitting the main pieces shows that they slot together quite nicely and so should build to be very sturdy construct. No decals are included. The construction sequence is printed on the back of the box. Colors are also given for various parts of the house. Basically wood shutters and doors, tan roof, sand walls and grey corners.


Not something that I would have thought would be popular, but with the huge increase in 1/72 military vehicles, something like this is just perfect for a diorama. It would also be just the thing for those who want a bit of a break from the 'usual'. Of course, it is such a simple construct, that beginners would have no trouble with it at all.

August 2005

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