KIT: Italeri 1/35 SdKfz 10 Demag 7
KIT #: 6443
PRICE: $31.00 MSRP
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


This small half-track was developed in the 1930s for use on the lighter military vehicles then in use. During WWII, it was used extensively as a prime mover, usually for towed artillery. Its excellent off-road capabilities made it particularly useful in the desert and the steppes of the Soviet Union.


I will once again allow my ignorance of a subject to carry over into the kit description! I have to say that this one looks like a relatively new kit. I say that because instead of the usual 'rubber band' tracks, this one has a combination of individual links and shorter straight sections, as one sees in even the newest armor kit. What's more, there are no figures with this one, something one often sees in older kits, but not always in new releases.

Overall detailing is really super with the instrument panel complete with molded in dials. The doors can be built with the side curtains up or down. Two different tops are also included; one raised and the other in the stowed position. The rear bed is well detailed with seats included as well as a goodly number of things to hang on the outside. This includes your picks, shovels, pry bars, and jerry cans. As you may well expect, this is a curbside without any engine detailing. However, Italeri has molded the hood so that if you do get an engine for it, you can display one side of the bonnet opened up.

Instructions are superb with well drawn construction sequences. Color information is generic and ModelMaster along with FS 595 references. There are markings for four vehicles, in all the different combinations of colors. One in sand yellow, one in early war panzer grey, one in the three color scheme of sand yellow, dark green and chocolate brown, and finally one in panzer grey with large white areas. The only real decal difference are license plates and some tactical markings. The small sheet is well printed and matte. My experiences with newer Italeri decals is generally positive so these should work well.


If you like softskins in general and half-tracks in particular, this neat little kit should be up for prime consideration.

January 2006

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