ICM 1/35 G917T (1939 production) German Army Truck

KIT #: 35413
PRICE: $51.99 SRP
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Ford G917T was used extensively by German forces in WWII, being manufactured until 1941 or so when the V3000 took over. The chassis of the truck was basically the same with both, the main difference being the sheet metal. Most heavy Ford trucks were built by the German operation of the Ford Motor Company, Ford-Werke, in Cologne. This was one of the most numerous of the various 3ton trucks used by the Wehrmacht during WWII. The truck was equipped with the flathead V8 that made Ford famous pre war and was the engine of choice by many early post war hot rodders in the US. Approximately 25,000 of the G917T vehicles were produced during its production run.


This is yet another well molded and nicely detailed kit from ICM. I have heard comments from some that say the kit has too many small parts, but it is these small parts that make the detail really show in the finished product. Some are quite small so the builder will need to be very careful removing and cleaning the parts.

As you can see from the sprues diagram, ICM pretty much gives you several of the sprues from their V3000 Maultier kit, not surprising as the engine and chassis are pretty much the same.  You get a very nicely detailed flathead Ford V-8 and this fits into a chassis that is built up of separate main frames and crossover pieces. The front wheels are attached in a method that has you put the inner wheel bit onto the spindle and then it is held in place by a large cap. The theory being that the wheel will turn. You then put the outer wheel/tire onto it. I am sure that many of us will simply glue it all solid.

The cab and hood section  are made up of several sections. The interior of the cab is well appointed with separate pedals and a nicely done dash. Decals are provided for the instruments. It does not seem to me that the hood can be displayed open as there is no hinge mechanism. However, you can simply lay it in place to show off the engine if you should so desire. You would think that there would be a new cab, but like many cars, the changes from this to the later version only required a new hood, side panels, and grille.

The rear box is made up of a separate floor and sides. There are cross pieces to allow the bed to fit onto the frame when it is finished. I am sure you could drop the rear gate or leave off the rear and sides if you wanted to do a flatbed version. The kit comes without the canvas top for the bed, though you do get a pair of hoops that would fit under the canvas to be cemented in the forward section of the truck. Those who wish, should not find it to be too difficult to fabricate the proper top.

Instructions are well drawn on ICM's usual glossy paper and include Model Master color references. Markings are provided for four vehicles, most in Panzer Grey from the look of it. First is one with 6 Panzer Division in Baltia during 1941. Next is one from 3 Panzer Gruppe in Russia during the summer of 1941. Next is one from an unknown unit in Russia during the same time. This one has white areas on the bumper and forward fenders. The last is a desert tan version with the Afrika Korps in Libya during 1941. The decal sheet is nicely printed and since ICM uses a near white backing, I have had to darken the image quite a bit to show the white parts.


I know I have mentioned this before, but I like that model makers are gravitating toward non-armor subjects like this one and staff cars. ICM has a considerable catalogue of these types and this one adds to it.


Kit instructions and a variety of web sites. There really is not all that much info on these vehicles out there that I could find so one has to sort of piece things together.

January 2013

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