ICM 1/35 le.gl.Einheits-Pkw (Kfz.1)

KIT #: 35521
PRICE: $47.95
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Looks like a new mold kit.


With the beginning of World War II, Stoewer factory started to produce cars for the Wehrmacht as LEPKW class (Leichter Einheits-Personenkraftwagen, or Small Unit-Personnel Carrier). A versatile 4-wheel-drive car, many equipped with 4-wheel-steering. Capacity-problems led to co-production by BMW and Hanomag, under parentage of Stoewer. Together the three manufacturers made a total of ca. 10.000 units. After World War II, the Red Army seized the remaining production facilities, dismantled them and sent to the Soviet Union.


I have to say that I've been pretty impressed with the latest batch of ICM military vehicle kits. ICM has really come around to producing some nicely engineered and interesting kits. This latest Kfz.1 is an example of just that. Five grey and one clear sprue come in two bags that are stapled shut. One of the grey sprues that has things such as wheels and suspension bits has been duplicated as is the norm nowadays. The molding is very good and I found only a few sink areas to contend with. No flash and no visible ejector markings, though those of you who are contest builders may want to remove those on the inside of fenders and such.

This is not a curb side and comes with a complete engine and detailed suspension. In fact the overall detail level (and parts count with 262 pieces) is pretty high for a vehicle like this. ICM seems to be headed in the Dragon direction vice the Tamiya direction in this area. There are no options for the kit. It is designed to be built with the top up and the side curtains in place, though I'm sure you could leave off the side curtains if you so wished as it will provide improved viewing of the interior. They probably stowed them in the back behind the rear seat when not used.

The doors and hood sections are separate so perhaps one can display these items open if desired. There are also Jerry can racks with cans for the rear of the car.

Instructions are well drawn with 26 construction steps. The painting guide is for four vehicles all in panzer grey. Color information is generic and Model Master references. The options are all for the Eastern Front in the 1941/42 time period. One is the hack of I./JG 51 in  Belorussia during July of 1941, another is with Panzergurppe 1 Kleist in Ukraine during 1941. A third option is with 11 Pz D in Ukraine in 1941 and the final option is 16 Pz D in the Don area during mid 1942. Decals are well printed, and are basically unit markings and license.


Those who like these sorts of vehicle will now have a very nice personnel car to add to the collection. This may not be the first time this has been kitted, but it is the first one I've seen.

July 2010

Thanks to Squadron Products for the preview kit. This should be at your local shop.

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