ICM 1/35 L1500S LLG Fire Truck

KIT #: 35526
PRICE: $53.99 SRP
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


The Daimler-Benz company designed chassis L1500S of 1.5 ton capacity in 1941. Most of these chassis received closed bodies for a fire team of 8 men (LLG). Truck trailer TSA were equipped with the fire pump. Equipment also included ladders and fire hoses.

Up to the end of 1944 there were produced about 3850 LLG on all chassis types. Vehicles on Daimler Benz chasses were extremely durable and reliable.

1500S LLG fire trucks were used by German Fire Police up until the end of the war.

(History courtesy of ICM kit instructions)


Those who are really into WWII trucks are aware that Mini-Art has done the base 1500S truck and there are those who might suppose that ICM has used some of the sprues for this one. However, all the sprues are clearly marked ICM so that is apparently not the case. There are 217 parts on six sprues, one of which is clear for the windows and such. There rubber/vinyl tires for both the truck and the trailer.

One of the sprues is pretty much all of the engine and chassis components. This kit is not a curbside and has a complete engine as well as a very detailed chassis and suspension. The chassis is built up of the two main frame rails with the various attachments and crossmembers being added on as the build continues. This vehicle has dualies in the rear and does not have driven front wheels.

The majority of the sprues are for the body and interior of the vehicle. The kit provides a well appointed driver's compartment and in the back are seats for the eight fire fighters. One large seat is right behind the driver with two smaller seats on the sides. There are compartments for tools and such on the side of the rear, providing what looks like an exit to the rear. The doors of the vehicle are all molded closed and one will have to cut on them to open them up. The hood can be modeled open to show the engine detail if one so wishes.

The TSA trailer is part of the set and is fully closed. The tow bar can be propped up or one can model it so it can be attached to the rear of the truck. Various ladders and hoses are provided to place under and atop the truck body.

Instructions are well drawn with ICM's usual Model Master paint references. Markings are for two identical green trucks with black fenders and running boards. One has logos on the doors and trailer while the other does not have these. There are differences in the licenses. The decal sheet is well printed but since it has a white background, showing the white bits is pretty much impossible for me.

Overall this is a pretty cool kit. One rarely sees vehicles like this being done that are not modern and when one adds ICM's recent fire fighters figure set, it will make for a very nice diorama.

August 2013

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