UM 1/72 OB-3 Biaxial Armored Car

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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch fret


As usual, my ability to find references for things like this is poor so here it is from the kit instructions. "Armored cars of the type OB-3 were used in USSR at the beginning of WWII with improvised materials and details. In assembling of these carriages, often were used parts of the crushed in battles light tanks. They have been constructed of metal frameworks of Biaxial 20 ton railway platforms sheathed with the (30-40) mm ordinary constructional steel by two-layer sheets. On a roof of such armored carriage were mounted two conical turrets of thank T-26-1. In each turret have been set 45mm tank gun (21-KI) and coupled with it 7.62 mm DT machine gun. Besides there were two onboard DT machine guns, set in trunnion balls, one on each side. Ammunition consisted of some hundred shells and some thousand cartridges. The crew of such carriage consisted of 12-15 fighters. These armored cars were used as part of armored trans and took part in Leningrad and Moscow fights during the first months of the war."


UM has been doing a whole series of armored rail cars and this one just adds to that growing list. These kits are not as complex as a standard tank in this scale, thanks to the generally flat sides of these constructs. They are also a model that makes good use of photo etch for detail parts such as doors, vents, and skirts. This kit is no exception with a very nicely done set that includes not only these details, but several others including a series of hand rails.

The kit itself is very nicely molded in a green plastic. It includes a pair of turrets from a T-26 tank kit so there are parts that won't be used on this armored rail car. There are a pair of rail tracks on which to pose the finished model as well. The basic hull is made up of an upper and lower section with the seam on a natural weld line. All of the wheels will fit into the lower section and are attached with plastic axles. They have caps so that they can turn.

Instructions are very well done with crisply drawn and easy to understand construction drawings. There are but seven steps for this one. Painting instructions are provided during the build and use Humbrol paint references. There are basically two ways to paint this. One is an overall olive drab and the other is white. There is a decal sheet provided, but all you'll use are two small red stars.


In all, a very nice kit and something a bit unusual for the most part. I built one of these types of armored rail cars and very much enjoyed the build. I know you will as well.


Kit instructions

December 2010 

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