ZZ Modell 1/87 ZIS-151 w P-15 Anti-ship Missile
KIT #: 87019
PRICE: $24.95 from  http://www.scale-model-kits.com
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Limited edition kit with resin and photo etch parts


The ZiS-151 (Russian: ЗиС-151) is a general-purpose truck, produced by the Soviet Union in 194765, at Automotive Factory No. 2 Zavod imeni Stalina. In 1956, the factory was renamed Zavod imeni Likhacheva, and new trucks were called ZiL-151 (ЗиЛ-151).

The ZiS-151 was the first major Soviet military all-wheel-drive truck built following World War II, replacing the U.S. Studebaker US6, and earlier ZiS-6. In early 1948, the cabs were made of wood, soon replaced with a steel cab. Tens of thousands were produced, including specialized versions for hauling different types of cargo. The Soviets found the trucks an ideal platform for BM-13 Katyusha rocket launchers.

The most famous developments of ZiS-151 were the BTR-152armored personnel carrier and the BAV 485 amphibious vehicle.

In 1958 ZiL-151 model was replaced by the ZiL-157, differed outwardly by grille and having a single rear wheels, instead of the ZiL-151's dual wheels.

The P-15 Termit (Russian: П-15 "Термит"; English: termite) was a type of missile developed by the Soviet Union's Raduga design bureau in the 1950s. Its GRAU designation was 4K40, and its NATO reporting name was Styx or SS-N-2. In Russian service today it also seems to be calledRubezh. China acquired the design in 1958 and created at least four versions: CSS-N-1 Scrubbrush and CSS-N-2 versions were developed for ship-launched operation, while the CSS-C-2 Silkworm and CSS-C-3 Seersucker missiles were used for coastal defense. Other names for this basic type of missile include: HY-1, SY-1, and FL-1 Flying Dragon (Chinese designations typically differ for export and domestic use even for otherwise identical equipment).

Despite the huge size, the P-15 was built in thousands and installed on many classes of ships from MTB to destroyer hulls, as well coastal batteries and even bombers (Chinese versions).


I always like to see things that are a bit different, and in several ways this fits into the 'different' category for me. First, it is from a company of whom I've heard nothing at all ZZ Modell in the Czech Republic. Next it in is 1/87 scale, something I've overlooked when it comes to model kits. About the closest I've come to ever building anything in 1/87 were some Roco Minikits back when I was a lot younger. I can recall running a few of these around the backlight ofmy parent's Buick. I also left one back there one day and learned first hand how hot a car can get and what it does to plastic left in the sun. But I digress.

This is a true multi-media kit with resin, photo-etch and vacuformed parts. I'm going to assume the resin bits are the small parts in the bag, because they are superbly molded and look just like plastic, but not on a sprue. Because they are all separate, I left them in the bag for the sprue pic, but provided the parts layout so you can see what is there. The plastic parts are very nicely molded, better than some larger scale kits I've built in the past. The few ejector pin marks are going to be hidden once the kit is built and I found no sink areas and no real flash.

The photo etch parts are pretty much reserved for truck grilles and light guards and the missile's transport cradle. The vac bits are for the windows. This is a nice touch as several 1/72 truck kits include no clear bits at all. There is a complete chassis and well done suspension pieces. The bed will need to have some of the slats trimmed down, leaving only a few along the bottom. The Styx missile has a three part body (based on the Yak-1000 design of 1951) with boosters.

Instructions are well drawn, but a little different than what we are used to. There are basically a number of exploded drawings showing where the bits fit. Although there are a lot of small parts, fitting them should be no problem for those used to workingwith small bits, and there are some pretty small plastic/resin bits that will need to be fitted. I'm still not sure I'd be able to fit the clear headlight lenses and would probably fall back on MV lenses or epoxy to represent these.

There is a nicely done decal sheet and from the small drawing, it seems like most will be used on the missile. The truck is our favorite, Soviet Medium Green, with a gull grey missile that has a medium blue nose cap. It seems from the box art that the wheels and chassis may be in black. There is no East German Army logo for the truck, so this is a case of 'The box art photo and kit may differ'.


Overall it looks like it would make into a very nice model. The very nice molding holds promise that it will be a trouble-free build and for those who are severely space constrained, is a perfect kit to add to a small display shelf. ZZ Modell does a number of other truck-based kits in this scale that you might find of interest.



March 2009

Thanks to the fine folks athttp://www.scale-model-kits.com where you can get this and many other interesting kits and accessories.

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