KIT: Tamiya 1/35 DKW NZ 350 Motorcycle
KIT #: 89548
PRICE: $6.50
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken



Established in 19189, the German motorcycle company DKW, earned international acclaim in the 1930s as a producer of finely crafted two-stroke racing motorcycles. It was during this time that the reconnaissance division of the German military, focusing on mechanization, was increasing the deployment of motorcycles.

At first, the Wehrmacht did not express an interest in a two-stroke machine, but in 1938, they decided to adopt the 11 hp single cylinder two-stroke engine equipped DKW NZ 350 medium cycle. In 1940, production was started on the NZ 350/1, specially modified for the Wehrmacht. This motorcycle featured a cast iron engine block, centrifugal air filter, and additional strengthening braces for a luggage carrier. Though it proved unsuitable for heavy cross country use, its light weight and easy handling made it an ideal courier cycle and it was used on all fronts in WWII.


I was in my local hobby shop the other day, looking for just a 1/35 motorcycle kit and was led to a box containing several header card Tamiya kits that included this one. With but one sprue and fewer than two dozen parts, it is a kit that can probably be build rather quickly. The main frame part has the rear wheel and fender cast integrally with it. There is only a second sub-half that has the other side of the fuel tank and engine. The front wheel and fender with part of the front suspension is also a single piece. Exhaust, handlebars, saddle bags, lights, and additional seat are separate pieces.

The instructions are completely Japanese except for the cautions and a couple of instructions guides and the history on this 1999 bagging. Colors are all Tamiya paints and are shown throughout the four step construction sequence. Overall color is either panzer grey or panzer yellow. The small decal sheet provides markings for three motorcycles.


Frankly, if you want something quick and pretty easy, where you spend most of the time painting, then this is it. About as close as a weekend build as I'll ever see and something that you can use to enhance a military diorama.


The kit instructions.

February 2007

Thanks to me for digging up this little jewel.

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