KIT: UM 1/72 PzKpfw 38 (t) Ausf C
KIT #: 340
PRICE: $9.98 (8.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: Four options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo-etched frets


Since I can't do better than the kit instructions regarding a history, here goes.

"Since 1939 the Czech Tanks LT vz 38 began to appear in German tank parts. In May 1940 they started production of new PzKpfw 38 (t) Ausf C tank. Its arms consist of 37 mm gun Skoda and 2 x 7.92mm ZB machine guns. The thickness of front armor was equal to 25mm. The ammunition supply consist of 72 rounds. The machine in weight of 9.4 tons had the maximal speed of 42 km/h. The tank is powered by 6-cylinder 4-stroke diesel Praga AC engine. The engine power is 150 hp. The crew consist of four members, a radio operator , a gunner, a loader and a driver. In total is was manufactured 110 of PzKpfw 38(t) ausf C. In structure of German divisions they took part in the Polish and French campaigns, at war on the Balkans, on East front against the USSR. Besides they were on arms of Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.


First thing I noticed when opening the box was that this kit was in a zip bag. Good move as I'm always having parts disappear from opened bags and the resealable feature should stop that. Molded in grey plastic, this kit is of the same good quality as other UM kits. Thanks to the design of this tank, the usual mass of road wheels and return rollers isn't present. The injected plastic track has individual links where it goes over the sprockets, but otherwise is a nice solid track. The small etched fret is for a perforated box on the right side fender and for fender braces. Those parts not used in the Ausf C configuration are few and clearly shown in the instructions. Only molding glitch of note are two large sink holes in the bottom of the hull. These can easily be filled but are deep so multiple applications will probably be needed. The rest of the build looks pretty normal for these kits.

Instructions are excellent and provide well drawn construction steps. Paint info is with Humbrol and generic names. Any pre-painting is shown in the construction sequences. All the tanks are in overall panzer grey and markings are provided for tanks participating in the Polish campaign, French Campaign, early Russian invasion and by a Hungarian tank battalion. Decals are well printed, matte and have large clear carrier film that really should be trimmed back before use.


Another really super light tank from what has to be the the largest collection of 1/72 military vehicles around. This one just adds to that growing catalogue of products. If you are thinking about getting involved in small scale armor, this would be an excellent kit on which to get started.

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