KIT: UM 1/72  Tank Hunter Sd.Kfz 139 Marder III
KIT #: 347
PRICE: $10.98 (9.96 at Squadron)
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo-etched fret


Delving once more into the UM instructions for a bit of history I find:  "The chassis of the PzKfw 38 (t) were used for the creation of anti-tank self propelled guns (SPG). These were armed with powerful anti-tank guns. In March of 1942 the Sd.Kfz 139 Panzerjaeger 38 (t) was developed with a 7.62 cm Pak 36 (r) gun. The thickness of the front armor was equal to 50mm and the vehicle carried 30 rounds of ammunition. The 10.67 ton vehicle had a top speed of 47 kph. It was powered by a 6 cylinder Praga AC diesel engine of 150 hp. 363 of these were produced and in 1944 it was given the name Marder III. It was used on all fronts of the war.


The PzKfw 38 (t) has been getting a lot of use from UM and I wouldn't doubt if we'll see more stuff based on this chassis. One of the two large sprues is specifically for the Marder III and while it is well molded, it also suffers somewhat from sink areas. Most will be easy to repair as there is no detail around them, but a few will require some careful filling and sanding. The other large sprue with the 38 (t) chassis bits is even more rife with sink areas and some rather hefty ejector towers as well. Fortunately, those on the pan will be invisible when the kit is built. The track links come in sections with individual tracks to go around the sprocket and idler.

There is an etched brass fret that appears to be for some sort of holder at the rear of the vehicle. The gun appears to be quite complete as there are a myriad of small bits to be attached. One thing for sure, to build this kit, some of us will be using some additional magnification device!

Kit instructions are well drawn and provide both Humbrol and generic paint references. The construction diagrams are a bit busy so one does need to take care not to miss anything. There are markings for two vehicles, both from the Eastern Front in 1943. They appear to be in overall Panzer Grey and a full color painting guide is provided on the back of the box on all UM kits, a very nice touch. Apparently one can be a captured vehicle as it has bit white stars and crossed out German markings. Decals are well printed, matte and have large clear carrier film areas.


Yet another nice and relatively inexpensive kit from the folks at UM. If you have a penchant for small scale military vehicles, then UM is the place to go. You definitely get a good value for the money spent.

October 2005

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