Revell Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter

KIT #: 85-1868
PRICE: $15.95 from GreatModels 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Snap kit, pre-painted


   The Jedi starfighter's triangular shape in Attack of the Clones stems from the shape of Imperial Star Destroyers in the original Star Wars trilogy. Industrial Light & Magic designer Doug Chiang identified the Jedi starfighter as one of the first designs that bridges the aesthetic between the prequel and original trilogies. Chiang noted that viewers' familiarity with the Star Destroyer's appearance and Imperial affiliation gives added symbolism to the Jedi craft's appearance and foreshadows the Empire's rise to power. The starfighter seen in Revenge of the Sith is a cross between the previous film's vessel and the Empire's TIE fighters from the original trilogy. Hasbro's expanding wings in the Attack of the Clones Jedi starfighter toy inspired the opening wings in the Revenge of the Sith vessel. The starfighter in the Revenge of the Sith is called a Jedi Interceptor Starfighter.


Not only is this a snap kit, but it is prepainted as well. The painting is actually quite good, aside from the figure where it is obvious that it was hand painted by someone in a hurry. All of the parts are very nicely molded as well. The engineering of the kit is such that many of the edges and mold seams will be hidden, but not all of them. The kit has but one option and that is for gear up or down. There is a prominent attachment point for the display stand on the underside. I doubt if many will want to fill that in. The large clear canopy is movable so one can position it open when one uses the landing gear. A nicely done droid is also included with the set.

Instructions are very well done with nicely drawn construction illustrations. In cases where a specific build sequence is required, that is clearly shown. With less than 30 parts, this isn't going to be very complex and not having to paint or decal it will mean a quick build.


If trying to get a youngster interested in model kits, then something like this is perfect. It is also something nice for the more experienced builder who has had it up to here with troublesome short run kits and just wants to get something done.


May 2010

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