Skywave 1/700 USS Spruance


M 12




Three ships


Scott Van Aken




The Spruance class destroyers were built to replace the Allen M Sumner and Gearing class of WWII general-purposedestroyers. Originally built as specialized ASW ships with only point defenseAAW missiles, they have been upgraded to accept Harpoon and Tomahawk ASM andland attack missiles. Additional upgrades include a vertical launch system forASROCs and other missiles, as well as the Phalanx (or sea-whizz) 20mm gunsystemb. The Spruance normally carries one or two SH-60 Seahawkhelicopters. Interestingly, the Spruance shares the hull, propulsion and auxiliarysystems with the Kidd class missile destroyers and the Ticonderogamissile cruisers. A total of 35 ships are in the contract, (Including 4 for theIranian Navy which were not delivered) making it the largest post-WWII shipbuild of any western navy.


Anyof you who have ever built a Skywave kit know that it is probably one of thebest designed and detailed line of 1/700 ships around. The detailing is verywell done and the parts are well molded. This kit had no flash and any sinkmarks were kept to places where they would not be seen on the finished ship. Youknow, considering this is a destroyer, it is not a small ship, being larger thana WWII heavy cruiser!

All of the appropriate weapons are includedin the kit and you have the option of not installing some of them if you want toshow the ship earlier in its career. The instructions are more than adequate forthe kit and give the usual construction steps and color callouts. One area Iwould have some trouble is that many of the parts are very small. A goodmagnifier and tweezers are what I'd need to be able to finish this model!

Thedecal sheet is rather large for a ship kit, but includes a number of common deckmarkings that one would have to otherwise paint on. There are options for threeships of the Spruance class; the Spruance, Kidd and Fletcher. Overall it lookslike a very nice model, the only problem I would have with it is that it retailsat $30!

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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