Skywave 1/700 HMS Tracker Escort Carrier






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Scott Van Aken


Waterline ship


The HMS Attacker and her sister ships were of the Bogue class ofescort carriers built from late 1942 to early 1944. Amongst the other RN shipsof this and a similar class were the Ravager, Searcher, Trumpeter, Patroller,Puncher, Reaper, Slinger, Smiter, Speaker, Trouncer and a bunch of other 'er'ships. Only the Ravager, Searcher and Tracker were true sister ships, the resthaving sufficient internal modifications to be considered another class (thisbeing the Ameer class).

USS Bogue was the name ship of a class of 11 escort carriers (CVEs)built for the US Navy, and the fourth ship of that class to be completed. TheUnited Sates had already built six escort carriers (four for Britain) on the C3cargo hull, but the Bogues were the first truly effective C3-based carriers dueto their higher speed (turbines instead of diesels), larger flight decks andhangars, and a second elevator. These improvements were possible because theBogue-class ships were converted before completion, while the earlier types wereconverted after completion as cargo ships. However, the hangar deck of the Boguewas not flat, having retained the C3 hull's sheer and camber, and this made itmore difficult to handle aircraft, especially in heavy seas. This was remediedin classes based on the T3 tanker hull (Sangamon and Commencement Bay classes)and the S4 hull (Casablanca Class). After completing the Bogue class, the USNavy acquired no further escort carriers based on the C3 hull, although theUnited States used C3 hulls to build 11 of the Attacker class and 23 of theAmeer class for the Royal Navy.


When one first lifts the box, the thing that comes to mind isthat this is pretty heavy for such a small box. When the box is opened and thebag chock full of small parts is first seen, then it is easy to see where theweight comes from. For a 1/700 model, this kit has a large number of parts toit. Detailing is first rate and there was no flash or any obtrusive ejector pinmarks seen on the kit bits.

It is a waterline model, meaning that the hull is not completebelow the waterline. Unlike the ships from Tamiya, Hasegawa, Fujimi and Aoshima,there is no weight, though there is a built up area on the base of the ship forone. Also unlike the aforementioned kit makers, there are no aircraft in withthe kit. For that you will have to use one of the many aircraft sets from eitherSkywave or the 'big 4' mentioned previously. Actually, for an escort carrier,that would be Hellcats, Wildcats and Avengers, perhaps with a Swordfish or twotossed in.

The kitinstructions are basically in Japanese and are in two large exploded views,showing where bits and pieces are to be placed. Color callouts for parts aregiven though the color table only gives generic colors. Decals are given for allof the ships of the Bogue and Ameer class that were used by the British. Thereis a chart on the back of the box showing which numbers are for which ships.There are also deck stripes on the sheet. Not sure why the RN roundels are thereas no aircraft are included. Additional painting information can be gotten fromthe back and sides of the box.

All in all, it looks like a very complete kit that should buildinto a super model of this class of CVE.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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