Trumpeter 1/700 HMS Warspite (1915)

KIT #: 05780
PRICE: $37.99
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Includes photo etch fret


HMS Warspite was a Queen Elizabeth-class battleship of the Royal Navy. During World War II Warspite gained the nickname "The Grand Old Lady" after a comment made by Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham in 1943. Warspite and the other vessels in her class were advocated by Admiral Sir John 'Jackie' Fisher, and Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty. She served in both World War I and World War II, earning the most battle honours ever awarded to an individual ship in the Royal Navy, including the most awarded for actions in the Second World War.

Decommissioned and approved for scrapping in 1946, she proved to unwilling to go to the scrappers yard and after several groundings on the way, finally sank in 1955. You can read more from the reference link.


Trumpeter has done an excellent job in molding this new Queen Elizabeth class ship and I am equally pleased to see that it is in its WWI fit. I will start by telling you that the kit can be built either as a waterline model or a full hull display. For the later, a nice display stand is included and you get the props, prop shafts and rudder for the full hull version as well.

I found it interesting that Trumpeter had decided to provide the uppermost smaller areas of the ship with photo etch bulkhead details rather than have those molded on the plastic. It must have something to do with producing other variants of this class, though the etched fret states it is for the Queen Elizabeth. Anyway, as you can see from the etched fret image, there are three of these rectangular frets for that pupose. Included on this fret are the stack grates, three reinforcements for the forward bridge structure,  and some various braces and a couple of ladders. The grates will need to be formed into a cup shape to fit so you will need to find something around the house to use as a form.

As this is the initial fit, the kit comes complete with the casemate guns as well as the main guns and turrets. Various masts are includes as are ship's boats and a bevy of searchlights. Since this is not a WWII ship, no slew of anti-aircraft guns. In fact, I do not think there are any at all. I should also mention that you have two main gun options; one that is paired so you can elevate them and some fixed forward guns that have the blast bags in place. The instructions do not show the blast bag option, but the parts are there.

Aside from that little omission, the instructions are well drawn as always. A full color painting guide is also provided. Though not shown, the decal sheet consists of two flag options; one 'flowing' and another rectangular. As usual, the packaging is first rate with foam wrap used to protect some of the more delicate parts and most sprues in their own bag.


WWI ship fans will surely be pleased with this one. Since it is 1/700 scale, it will not take up a ton of shelf space and it will still look great.


My thanks to Squadron Products for the preview kit. Get yours today at your local retailer or ask them to order it in for you.

December 2012

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