Oz-Mods 1/144 Bae Hawk T.1

KIT #: 14411
PRICE: $12.95 from OzMods
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REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Injected kit with vacuformed canopies


The T.1 ("Trainer Mark 1") was the original version of the Hawk used by the RAF, deliveries commencing in November 1976. The UK ordered 176 T.1s.

From 1983 to 1986, some Hawks were equipped as the short-range interceptor aircraft for point defence. 88 T.1s were modified to carry two AIM-9L Sidewinderair-to-air missiles in addition to the centerline gun pod carrying a single 30 mm ADEN cannon. These aircraft were designated T.1A. In the event of war, they would have worked in collaboration with Tornado F.3 aircraft, which would use their Foxhunter search radars to vector the radar-less Hawks against enemy targets. Such missions would have been flown by instructor pilots. Conversions were completed in 1986. With the fall of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War, RAF Hawks are no longer tasked with this role.

Eighty Hawk TMk1/1A aircraft have been upgraded under the Fuselage Replacement Programme (FRP), which involves the replacement of the aft centre and rear fuselage sections, using new build sections derived from the Mk. 60.


It has been several years since OzMods has sent in a review kit and I was quite pleased to find their latest, the Bae Hawk T.1 in the mails. Sorry for the small spure layout image, but I had started building the kit before I realized I'd not photographed the parts!

Molded in a dark reddish brown plastic, the detailing on this one is nicely engraved panel lines that are appropriate for this scale. I was pleased to notice that the lines were consistent and did not fade in and out as I've seen in kits in the past. The surface is quite shiny and free from blemishes. Sprue attachment points are large and in some cases, invade into the part itself requiring careful removal. The plastic a a bit brittle as I noted that both intakes had come free from the sprue. Fortunately their shape is such that you won't get them confused. There is a tad bit of additional plastic on the edges of all parts as one would expect from short run kits like this. The kit comes with a rather full interior that consists of seats and instrument panels and a rear combing. The control sticks are molded on the floor. One of mine had broken free during shipment, but replacing it isn't a problem.

The bang seats are a tad generic, but in this scale they will look just fine. The inner wheel wells have no 'floor', but I should also mention that the inner gear doors were normally up and OzMods could have simply molded them as such if they'd have chosen. As it is, you'll have to separate the various doors to do wheels down or make new ones out of card as the kit ones are a bit thick for scale. Landing gear have the wheels molded in place and look to be well done. Drop tanks with molded on pylons are provided. No finlets on the tanks so you may wish to manufacture those from card if you so desire. A set of outer pylons and a gun pod are also provided. Weapons are not included and if you wish them, a separate weapons set is available. Most Hawks in the strict training role would not use them. A pair of clear vacuformed canopies is provided, which is good as one of mine was crunched during shipment and even after straightening it out, it still has a visible crease.

Markings are provided for two aircraft. One is the often photographed XX 283 of 151 SQ (TWU) in a wraparound Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey. The other is a Swiss aircraft in White uppers with wing tips and the underside in red. This one also has a black anti-glare panel. The tiny sheet is well printed as you can see by the enlargement. 


I'm sure that many 1/144 fans will be delighted by this addition to their building possibilities. It certainly is one of the nicest looking aircraft around and there are a multitude of possible schemes for it.



October 2008

My thanks to OzMods for the review kit. You can get yours direct from the link.

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